Saturday, July 27, 2013


I am a freelance writer who loves to write. Since I was a young child I have enjoyed creating stories and sharing them with friends and family members. I cannot recall a time where I haven't read a book or expressed some form of passion for the written word.

I have a BA in English and an Associate Degree in Art. With the help of my degrees, I have worked for various community libraries throughout the state of Michigan. I know my way around books, and I simply love being surrounded by them.

I am a frequent contributor to ToonBarn and have contributed to Rekuru in the past. If you want to see examples, check out guest blogs.

I would love to write for you. Check out my writing samples or send me a note at your earliest convenience.


  1. My name is Matthew Rupp. My site is What are your rates for blog posts? (clients vary from dentists to flooring to doctors) Thanks

    1. Dear Mr. Rupp,

      I have sent you a reply via email. Thank you very much!


      Megan Scussel