Saturday, April 5, 2014

Organizing Podcasts When You've Downloaded Too Many

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I listen to too many podcasts - there, I said it. Can you blame me? There's so much to choose from. But when you download a bunch of podcasts, you're going to run into trouble. How do you find the time to listen to them? How do you store them without overwhelming the mind? I think I have a few solutions that might help people who suffer from podcast overload.

1. Listen as You Work

This might be obvious, but I think it's worth mentioning. I have a busy schedule, and I can't sit down and focus on podcasts exclusively. To counter this problem, I usually choose a podcast to listen to while I perform daily tasks. If I have to run errands, I put a podcast on my phone and listen to it in the car. If I need to work on an article, I play a podcast on my computer while I tickle the keys. Both of these methods are good for combating stress and focusing on what's important.

2. Don't Download New Podcasts

You don't want to make a situation worse by downloading more podcasts. You're going to have to cut back. This doesn't mean that you can't listen to podcasts at all. Simply put, you just have to minimize what you subscribe to until you can get everything under control.

3. Delete What You Don't Want

If you don't plan to watch it, delete it as soon as you can. The files will take up precious room on your computer's hard drive, and you may find yourself overwhelmed if you wait too long to do anything.

We all have our addictions - podcasts can't be excluded from the rule. If you plan ahead and whip yourself into shape, you can save your sanity and your time.


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